Top gift ideas for a stag night

Whether you’re organising a stag do, coming along for the ride or can’t actually make it in time for the party, it might be a good idea to come up with a stag night gift idea that’s original and sure to be appreciated. Luckily we have compiled this list of ideas based on the different categories of gifts you’ll probably come across in your search.

Ever noticed how the vast majority of guy-friendly gifts tend to focus around beer, or at least some form of alcohol? We’re not actually complaining or suggesting there isn’t a very good reason for this, but sometimes it can be exhausting looking through the same old stuff. If this is the ideal category for the stag in your case, however, there are some high class options to choose from online. Why not go for a personalised bottle of your friend’s favourite spirit, for example, with a professionally printed personalised label on a bottle of top quality vodka or gin?

You don’t have to actually buy drinks, but instead you might go for novelty gifts to do with drinking. If beer is more appropriate than spirits then personalised pint glasses are an excellent option, or even beer shot glasses which are available in a huge range of unique designs, from tiny pints to football boot shapes. You can find a broad range of creative presents based on drinking including beer-holding belts, drinking games, unique hip flasks and even novelty ice buckets in the shape of a traditional groom hat!… Read the rest


Great hen night gift ideas

Whether you’re thinking of gifts for the bride-to-be that she can enjoy long after her wedding day, or novelty gifts that are more designed for the party itself, we have plenty of experience shopping around for the best hen party gift ideas. Here are some of our favourite options that are guaranteed to go down well at the hen party.

Personalised books of all kinds are normally a very good choice. If you want to get in early and give the future bride a useful gift to help out with her wedding plans, a great choice might be a personalised engagement notebook to help keep track of all the necessary arrangements. You can even buy personalised hen party guest books to record and keep messages from everyone who attends which will be a future treasured possession. After the night out you might want to put together a customised photo album documenting the party, too.… Read the rest

The Origins of Hen (and Stag) Parties


Hen and stag parties are extremely widespread in UK culture now, and it might seem strange if a couple were getting married and decided not to have either one to wish the bride and groom well on their respective last nights of freedom. However, nowadays these parties are often associated with getting drunk, partying hard and being as rebellious as possible. Does this sound like something that’s been going on for hundreds of years?

Well, surprisingly to most perhaps, the concept has actually been around for a very long time, and the names hen and stag have also been used to mean the bride-to-be and groom-to-be for almost as long. So where did these turns of phrase originate from?

In fact, although it may seem obscure now for the bride to be named after a female chicken, the word “hen” hasn’t referred to a particular species for very long. In fact, it would have been used a few hundred years ago in English to mean a female bird of any kind, or simply a female term for any person or animal. The same is true of the term “stag” which could previously have referred to male of any species and not just a deer.… Read the rest

Hen Party Essentials


If you’re in charge of organising a night out for the bride-to-be, there’s a lot to think about! Many people actually look forward to the hen night almost as much as the wedding itself, and if you’re the one tasked with organising the night you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with options. Fortunately we have this definitive list of essential items that will see you through whatever the hen party turns into.

1) Costumes

It’s pretty much a given that a theme for your costumes will get everyone in the right mood, and give you a great excuse to spend time together getting ready and having fun before the night begins. Go as crazy as you’re comfortable with!

2) Accessories

As well as the classic L-plates, tiaras, sashes and veils for the bride, you need to make sure everyone is coordinated! Having matching hen t shirts, fancy dress costumes and facemasks are a must!.… Read the rest

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