Month: February 2018

6 Great Ideas For A Hen Party

Looking for a completely original idea for a hen party that’s a cut above crawling between local bars in a flashing headband and a wine-stained L-plate? We thought you might be, so we’ve compiled this list of six excellent, high class ideas that will add a modern twist to your fun before the big day.

1) Wedding Hat Making Class

This is really effective since you’re basically able to kill two birds with one stone! Cut out the hassle of buying a hat for the big day (on top of everything else the bride and the bridesmaids have to deal with) and make your own with the help of a designer hat making course, including celebratory drinks and snacks!

2) Themed Dance Class

Covering everything from Beyoncé’s music video choreography to routines from iconic musicals, there are studios around the UK offering excellent group dance classes that will give you the skills you need to show off as a group on the wedding dancefloor.

3) Chocolate Crawl

Swap out the boozy bars and head to the tearooms of London for an amazing chocolate tasting experience like no other. There are various packages available depending on your budget and this makes for an entire day of fun with no hangover the next day.

4) Mobile Cocktail Party

You can take advantage of the services of some of the UK’s best cocktail bar staff and have the entire setup delivered to your home for a night if you want to avoid queues and high prices at your local bars. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor setup, you can hire your own personal mixologist to keep the drinks flowing all night, with all the flavours and fashionable glassware to match whatever theme you choose.

5) High Class Makeover Session

Why go to a run-of-the-mill salon for makeup and hair advice when it’s something as special as a wedding just around the corner? Go all out for your hen party with a trip to a top designer boutique for a makeover session, such as Chanel’s flagship store in Covent Garden. Of course this is another one that includes fizz and food on the side.

6) Matching Hen T-shirts

Having matching hen t-shirts, fancy dress costumes and facemasks are a must for your hen party!… Read the rest

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