Month: September 2017

Planning tips for a hen party


In order to host the perfect hen party, it’s essential that you plan ahead to avoid any last minute decisions. To help you get started, we’ve come up with the following tips that you can easily follow to ensure you have a smooth hen party.

Ask the bride

Speak to your bride and find out what’s her ideal hen party. Make sure to find out the details and ask the following questions:

– Who is invited?

– How long would it be?

– What’s the budget?

– Does the bride have something particular in mind?

– Which location do you have in mind?

– What’s the theme?

– What kind of activities would you like to do?

When you have collected the above information, you can then start doing your research and start to plan every detail from start to end.

Pick a date

Find out which date is best for the bride. When you have chosen a date, then you can notify the guest lists beforehand and ask them to save the date. It’s ideal to pick a date six months in advance. Also, decide how close is the hen party with the wedding day.


Now that you have the information and the date you need, you can start on researching which venues are available that matches your date and your budget. Make sure to compare the prices and stick with the budget you have in mind. At the end of your research, make sure to decide on everything as you do not want to leave anything last minute.

Communicate with guests

Once you have done your research and have made some final decisions,

you can now confirm the dates, price and venue with the guests. This will also prevent anyone from dropping out last minute.You can then get an idea of how many people can actually attend the party.Read the rest

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