Month: July 2017

Activities for your hen party

roller skate

A hen party is an important celebration for the bride. To make your party more fun and exciting you can choose an activity that you and your bridesmaid can enjoy. It’s also a great way for the bridesmaid to get to know each other. You can choose from a variety of random activities as long as you can enjoy it with your group.


Dance classes are a perfect way to get together. Dancing classes are way more fun when you are doing it in a group. Depending on your preference, you can choose from different types of dancing including Zumba, salsa, belly dancing, burlesque, pole dancing and much more. You and your bridesmaid can even create and perform a dance routine on your wedding day to make your day even more memorable and fun.


If you like old school activities, then roller skating is a definite choice. You can find a local club where you can roller skate with your group. Most places would normally have some old music playing and some disco lights all around the venue. To make the activity more playful and fun, you can go all out by dressing up in a 60s theme or even go for a grease movie theme.

Safari park

A safari adventure might be a random activity, but you would be surprise of the different activities they have available. To have the best experience make sure to look for a well-known safari park in the UK. They are more likely to have a bigger park and a variety of animals on site. Most parks offer a VIP experience where you can have more privacy and get a closer look at the animals they have. It’s ideal to do a proper research when choosing the best park for your party.Read the rest

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