Month: February 2017

6 Questions to Ask The Bride Before The Hen Party

bridal party

The central focus for any hen party has got to be the bride! Does this sound like we’re stating the obvious? Maybe you’ve not been to enough hen parties yet (and yes, maybe we’ve been to too many), but sometimes it’s not unheard of for the bridesmaids to get carried away and steal the spotlight a little.

The fact is, any really successful hen party should be entirely based around the lady herself and her personal preferences. Not positive what she would want? The only way to find out is to ask! Here are the six big questions you need to make sure you pop before you go ahead and organise a major pre-wedding event.

When does she want it?

The hen party is traditionally immediately before the wedding, but we all know that’s not necessarily a great idea if everyone’s going to be trashed. Even if your party doesn’t revolve around alcohol (how civilised!), you might need more time to enjoy it properly and relax. It’s all up to the bride herself.

How long should it last?

Similarly, the bride needs to be the one deciding whether this is going to be a long weekend or a short get-together. She might actually be quite limited in terms of times and dates depending on how much is left to do before the big day. Find out early on and plan accordingly.… Read the rest

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