Month: December 2016

4 Alternative Stag Party Ideas

Not keen on the idea of a boring stag party down the local pub? Neither are we, especially when there are so many better options just a few clicks away. Some of the best ideas don’t even require that, although advance booking is a good idea for most of these trips. Here are just a few great ideas for an unforgettable stag party.

1) Escape to the sun

This can be much cheaper and simpler than you think at first. Just head off for two or three nights, get a highly-recommended cheap hotel (in almost any non-landlocked European country if it’s during summer) and enjoy! A bit of hot weather makes everything more fun and a cheap getaway can work for a small or even a large group.

2) Pub crawl with a twist

Want a bit of a switch-up on a more traditional UK stag party? Swap out your local bar crawl for a much more interesting one by travelling to somewhere in your region and choosing an interesting theme. We have an entire post dedicated to this on the way!… Read the rest

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