6 Great Ideas For A Hen Party

Looking for a completely original idea for a hen party that’s a cut above crawling between local bars in a flashing headband and a wine-stained L-plate? We thought you might be, so we’ve compiled this list of six excellent, high class ideas that will add a modern twist to your fun before the big day.

1) Wedding Hat Making Class

This is really effective since you’re basically able to kill two birds with one stone! Cut out the hassle of buying a hat for the big day (on top of everything else the bride and the bridesmaids have to deal with) and make your own with the help of a designer hat making course, including celebratory drinks and snacks!

2) Themed Dance Class

Covering everything from Beyoncé’s music video choreography to routines from iconic musicals, there are studios around the UK offering excellent group dance classes that will give you the skills you need to show off as a group on the wedding dancefloor.

3) Chocolate Crawl

Swap out the boozy bars and head to the tearooms of London for an amazing chocolate tasting experience like no other. There are various packages available depending on your budget and this makes for an entire day of fun with no hangover the next day.

4) Mobile Cocktail Party

You can take advantage of the services of some of the UK’s best cocktail bar staff and have the entire setup delivered to your home for a night if you want to avoid queues and high prices at your local bars. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor setup, you can hire your own personal mixologist to keep the drinks flowing all night, with all the flavours and fashionable glassware to match whatever theme you choose.

5) High Class Makeover Session

Why go to a run-of-the-mill salon for makeup and hair advice when it’s something as special as a wedding just around the corner? Go all out for your hen party with a trip to a top designer boutique for a makeover session, such as Chanel’s flagship store in Covent Garden. Of course this is another one that includes fizz and food on the side.

6) Matching Hen T-shirts

Having matching hen t-shirts, fancy dress costumes and facemasks are a must for your hen party!… Read the rest

Horse racing

4 Alternative Stag Party Ideas

Not keen on the idea of a boring stag party down the local pub? Neither are we, especially when there are so many better options just a few clicks away. Some of the best ideas don’t even require that, although advance booking is a good idea for most of these trips. Here are just a few great ideas for an unforgettable stag party.

1) Escape to the sun

This can be much cheaper and simpler than you think at first. Just head off for two or three nights, get a highly-recommended cheap hotel (in almost any non-landlocked European country if it’s during summer) and enjoy! A bit of hot weather makes everything more fun and a cheap getaway can work for a small or even a large group.

2) Pub crawl with a twist

Want a bit of a switch-up on a more traditional UK stag party? Swap out your local bar crawl for a much more interesting one by travelling to somewhere in your region and choosing an interesting theme. We have an entire post dedicated to this on the way!… Read the rest

hen party

Creative Hen Party Themes

A well-chosen theme can make a huge difference with a hen party, taking it from a standard night out to an unforgettable celebration. There are many options to choose from, some perhaps more original and creative than others, but a lot of the classics are still great options with good reason! Here are a few of our favourite ideas.


A floral theme is completely classic and perfectly suited for pre-wedding celebrations. If you’re hosting the hen party, you can have a lot of fun decorating with colourful flowers, plus they can be incorporated into your outfits very easily. Creating your own flower crowns can even be a fun activity to do as part of the day’s events.


Something a little more fun and suited for going out for a night on the town may be your own creative twist on a nautical theme. You can go for the more dressed-up sailor costume look, or be more casual with a blue colour scheme and a few accessories.


A simple but really fun theme that can work with almost any kind of day or night out is a glitter theme! Get everyone to dress up and accessorise with glittery dresses, jewellery and anything else you can get hold of. This also makes getting ready part of the celebrations, plus it’s easy for everyone to join in – you can accessorise with glitter anywhere from your shoes to your hair!… Read the rest


The 3 Ultimate Stag Party Destinations

If you’re supporting the happy couple by taking on the role of best man, one of your traditional duties is going to be organising the stag party. Of course there are all the basic essentials for your trip, from deciding on the ultimate guest list to getting your cheap holiday t shirts printed (a useful way of making sure everyone sticks together that also doubles as a lasting souvenir of the night!). Next on the list, though, is deciding where exactly you’re going to end up. If you want to leave the UK for your trip, here are some of the best destinations.

Prague – The Best Value Option

One of the best stag do locations in Europe without a doubt, Prague is perfect because it’s packed with activities, culture and vibrant nightlife, but it’s also one of the cheapest places to go out drinking. A beer will cost well under £1 so your budget can go an extremely long way. You can even head to the Prague Beer Museum – don’t worry, it’s actually just a pub with an amazing selection of pints on offer.… Read the rest


Top 5 Hen Party Destinations

When planning a hen night that everyone in the bridal party is going to enjoy and remember (even if it is a bit of a blur), you’ll want to consider some ideas that are a cut above going to the local pub for a few bottles of wine. Booking a hen party away can be a great idea to make everything for exciting. The jet-setting Sex and the City style getaway might seem like a great idea, but it can be hard to narrow down all the choices available. Here are some of our favourite destinations for a hen party away from home.

1) Paris

It couldn’t be easier to get to, being less than an hour away by plane and only a little longer on the Eurostar. It’s also easy to find cheap accommodation that’s close to the centre of the cultural capital, or you could go for a higher end luxury hotel. It’s perfect whether you want to make use of the fashion outlets for shopping or a great night out at the many bars and restaurants on offer.… Read the rest

Hen Party Essentials


If you’re in charge of organising a night out for the bride-to-be, there’s a lot to think about! Many people actually look forward to the hen night almost as much as the wedding itself, and if you’re the one tasked with organising the night you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with options. Fortunately we have this definitive list of essential items that will see you through whatever the hen party turns into.

1) Costumes

It’s pretty much a given that a theme for your costumes will get everyone in the right mood, and give you a great excuse to spend time together getting ready and having fun before the night begins. Go as crazy as you’re comfortable with!

2) Accessories

As well as the classic L-plates, tiaras, sashes and veils for the bride, you need to make sure everyone is coordinated! Having matching hen t shirts, fancy dress costumes and facemasks are a must!.… Read the rest

Tenerife Stag Parties


Tenerife is located in the Canary islands of Spain. It’s a popular destination for many tourists, and it’s also a hot spot for stag parties. Many UK tourist tends to visit this part of Spain due to the warm weather and amazing beaches. Another reason is due to the location is accessible to most airports from the UK and flights are generally frequent. If you’re looking to host your stag party in Tenerife, be sure to plan. Below is a list of ideas on accommodations, activities, and nightlife in Tenerife.


Tenerife has a variety of accommodations available including private apartments, house, resorts, hotels, bed and breakfast, hostels and villas. If you’re travelling with a group and looking to find affordable accommodation, you may want to opt in for a private apartment or villa where you can share the cost between the groups. It tends to be cheaper than renting a hotel room individually. If you’re staying in the central city, you may find more private apartments rather than villas.


You’ll never run out of things do in Tenerife as they have plenty of activities to offer. This includes water activities such as surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, fly board and jet ski rides. Others include quad bike rides, go-karting, buggy ride, segway tour and yacht ride. There are also plenty of sightseeing activities available.


A stag party isn’t complete without the nightlife. Luckily, Tenerife is also known to have some of the best night clubs in the country. They have hundreds of night clubs to choose from. However, if you’re looking for a more exciting experience, you can have your stag party on a boat or book a VIP party in an adult club.
For a night filled with laughter, why not try a drag queen show or a stand-up comedy bar?… Read the rest

How to Organise a Hen Party for Your Best Friend

hen party

Your best friend is about to get married, and you’ve just been asked to organise a hen party. If you’ve never arranged a hen party before, it’s important to do your research beforehand and plan the event as soon as you can. Below are some useful tips that you can use when organising a hen party.


The first thing to look for is the venue. When choosing a place, ensure that it’s located in an area where everyone can easily travel to. It’s also ideal to choose a popular location where there are plenty of things to do. If you’re going all out, London is the best choice as it has plenty of bars and activities to offer. It’s also an area where everyone can easily travel to.

Unique activities

A hen party should be a night to remember. Find something different to do instead of the usual. The more different it is, the more exciting and fun it will be for the bride and everyone. There are plenty of quirky activities. It could be a sushi party, vintage makeover, festival party, and many more.


Adding a unique theme for the hen party might be something you want to consider. Choose a theme that your best friend will like. The theme can be incorporated into the party or for the dress code. Some theme ideas can be classy, vintage, floral, stripes, chic, or anything the bride will fancy. The theme can be anything you want it to be! You can find some theme ideas online.


If you’re looking to hit the bars till the night, it’s essential to find a nearby hotel that everyone can afford. If you’re going as a group, you should consider renting a big flat as they are often cheaper when the cost is shared.… Read the rest

Planning tips for a hen party


In order to host the perfect hen party, it’s essential that you plan ahead to avoid any last minute decisions. To help you get started, we’ve come up with the following tips that you can easily follow to ensure you have a smooth hen party.

Ask the bride

Speak to your bride and find out what’s her ideal hen party. Make sure to find out the details and ask the following questions:

– Who is invited?

– How long would it be?

– What’s the budget?

– Does the bride have something particular in mind?

– Which location do you have in mind?

– What’s the theme?

– What kind of activities would you like to do?

When you have collected the above information, you can then start doing your research and start to plan every detail from start to end.

Pick a date

Find out which date is best for the bride. When you have chosen a date, then you can notify the guest lists beforehand and ask them to save the date. It’s ideal to pick a date six months in advance. Also, decide how close is the hen party with the wedding day.


Now that you have the information and the date you need, you can start on researching which venues are available that matches your date and your budget. Make sure to compare the prices and stick with the budget you have in mind. At the end of your research, make sure to decide on everything as you do not want to leave anything last minute.

Communicate with guests

Once you have done your research and have made some final decisions,

you can now confirm the dates, price and venue with the guests. This will also prevent anyone from dropping out last minute.You can then get an idea of how many people can actually attend the party.Read the rest

Activities for your hen party

roller skate

A hen party is an important celebration for the bride. To make your party more fun and exciting you can choose an activity that you and your bridesmaid can enjoy. It’s also a great way for the bridesmaid to get to know each other. You can choose from a variety of random activities as long as you can enjoy it with your group.


Dance classes are a perfect way to get together. Dancing classes are way more fun when you are doing it in a group. Depending on your preference, you can choose from different types of dancing including Zumba, salsa, belly dancing, burlesque, pole dancing and much more. You and your bridesmaid can even create and perform a dance routine on your wedding day to make your day even more memorable and fun.


If you like old school activities, then roller skating is a definite choice. You can find a local club where you can roller skate with your group. Most places would normally have some old music playing and some disco lights all around the venue. To make the activity more playful and fun, you can go all out by dressing up in a 60s theme or even go for a grease movie theme.

Safari park

A safari adventure might be a random activity, but you would be surprise of the different activities they have available. To have the best experience make sure to look for a well-known safari park in the UK. They are more likely to have a bigger park and a variety of animals on site. Most parks offer a VIP experience where you can have more privacy and get a closer look at the animals they have. It’s ideal to do a proper research when choosing the best park for your party.Read the rest

6 Questions to Ask The Bride Before The Hen Party

bridal party

The central focus for any hen party has got to be the bride! Does this sound like we’re stating the obvious? Maybe you’ve not been to enough hen parties yet (and yes, maybe we’ve been to too many), but sometimes it’s not unheard of for the bridesmaids to get carried away and steal the spotlight a little.

The fact is, any really successful hen party should be entirely based around the lady herself and her personal preferences. Not positive what she would want? The only way to find out is to ask! Here are the six big questions you need to make sure you pop before you go ahead and organise a major pre-wedding event.

When does she want it?

The hen party is traditionally immediately before the wedding, but we all know that’s not necessarily a great idea if everyone’s going to be trashed. Even if your party doesn’t revolve around alcohol (how civilised!), you might need more time to enjoy it properly and relax. It’s all up to the bride herself.

How long should it last?

Similarly, the bride needs to be the one deciding whether this is going to be a long weekend or a short get-together. She might actually be quite limited in terms of times and dates depending on how much is left to do before the big day. Find out early on and plan accordingly.… Read the rest

stag night

Unique Bar Crawl Ideas

One enduring classic when it comes to stag parties is the classic bar crawl. They’re always memorable (even if it’s for the wrong reasons) and if it all goes well you’ll wish you could repeat the experience – just be careful of doing it too many times. The same old route can get stale after a while and the parties blur into one. Maybe for your stag night, it’s worth getting a little more creative? Here are some theme ideas from across the UK to give you some inspiration.

Seven-legged bar crawl

An annual tradition among Nottingham University students, this bar crawl is a century-old tradition. A team of seven is required to play – one to get the drinks in at the bar, and the rest tied together by the legs into one long, sideways, increasingly inebriated conga line. Matching fancy dress costumes for the entire group are compulsory, and raising funds for charity in the process is encouraged. Ideal for a stag party!… Read the rest

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