Month: October 2016

Creative Hen Party Themes

A well-chosen theme can make a huge difference with a hen party, taking it from a standard night out to an unforgettable celebration. There are many options to choose from, some perhaps more original and creative than others, but a lot of the classics are still great options with good reason! Here are a few of our favourite ideas.


A floral theme is completely classic and perfectly suited for pre-wedding celebrations. If you’re hosting the hen party, you can have a lot of fun decorating with colourful flowers, plus they can be incorporated into your outfits very easily. Creating your own flower crowns can even be a fun activity to do as part of the day’s events.


Something a little more fun and suited for going out for a night on the town may be your own creative twist on a nautical theme. You can go for the more dressed-up sailor costume look, or be more casual with a blue colour scheme and a few accessories.


A simple but really fun theme that can work with almost any kind of day or night out is a glitter theme! Get everyone to dress up and accessorise with glittery dresses, jewellery and anything else you can get hold of. This also makes getting ready part of the celebrations, plus it’s easy for everyone to join in – you can accessorise with glitter anywhere from your shoes to your hair!… Read the rest

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